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  • Provide of Air‐ticket for Employers or Company Representatives for Interview & Selections
  • Pre‐Screening & Reference Check of Candidates
  • Assistance in Counselling and Handling of Problematic Workers
  • Repatriation of Workers (if your company recurtis workers from us, we will bear the air‐tickets for your exsiting workers)
  • Pre‐Empolyment Medical Examination according to MOM Guidlines
  • Purchase and Undertaking of Banker's Guarantee ($5,000 band)
  • Provision of Air‐Tickets of Workers of Singapore
  • Arrangement of Airport Meetings Services & Transfer
  • Administration and Securing Proper Accommodation
  • Issuance of Work Permit, Thumb‐printing, Collection of Work Permit
  • Arrangement of Construction Safety Orientation Course (CSOC) or Shipyard Safety Instruction Course (SSIC), if necessary